Internal Rules & Terms of Service

By accessing the Aldorium Network (hereinafter: Network, Project, Server, Aldorium), and / or any component thereof, you (User) agree to our Terms of Service and Internal Rules. This is a Legal Agreement between the User and Network, which the user complies to when he accesses the Network. Rules and penalties are written in an abstract form and are dynamic and project administration has the right to change them at any time without notice to the players. In addition, the Network Administration reserves the right to impose stricter penalties on offenders if they suspect recurring crimes. Ignorance of the rules does not release the user from liability! If you are unsure whether what you intend to do is allowed, first ask before you apologize later.

Advertising (servers, channels, or inappropriate sites):
- For the first time will be punished by temporary mute, the second - with permanent silencing.

Staff Impersonation:
- Will be punished for permanent blockade.

Avoiding IP or account ban:
- Will be punished with permanent ban without the possibility of return.

Auto-Clicker or similar Auto-* software:
- Will be punished for permanent blockade.
Staff Harassment:
- For the first time will be punished by temporary mute, the second - with permanent silencing.
Revealing exploits in any publicly accessible website, forums, chat rooms or servers, and other media:
- Will be penalized for permanent IP and account ban.

Fraud, the use of unauthorized programs that makes it easier for you to play a game, afk-mining with certain modifications or software (you need to be active on the server, otherwise we will accept it as afk-mining), use of banned mods to break into other people's accounts, exploit (including , but not limited to server & website vulnerabilities, dupe, bugs, etc :
- Will be punished with permanent IP ban. If you need to provide proof in the case of quilting / modification, this may depend on server logs or player confessions.
OptiFine released, LabyMod enabled, clients who provide unfair advantages (eg. Huzuni, Ghost client, other cracked clients) are prohibited.

Using more than 2 accounts at a time:
- 1 time: temporary ban for 1 day.
- 2 times: temporary ban for 1 week
- 3 times: temporary ban for 2 weeks
- 4 times: permanent ban of all accounts

Usually, the penalty is applied to each of your accounts registered or otherwise identified for your IP, both offline and online at that moment.
Penalty avoidance (silencing, ban, etc.) with other accounts:
- 1 time: +6 hours temporary ban for all accounts.
- 2 times: +1 day temporary ban for all accounts.
- 3 times: +1 weekly temporary ban for all accounts.
- 4 times: permanent ban for all accounts.
Please note that if your master account is permanently blocked, banned, and blocked, the IP will be immediately blocked.

Non-cultural and offensive behavior, including but not limited to: begging, rubbing, cursing, censorship, recurring messages, illegal advertising, trolling, using FULL-CAPS, flooding, disrespect (for other players or administration), threats (including , but not limited to DDoS, DoS, DOX, Swat), incitement to hatred or suicide, inciting harmful or controversial behavior, sexual harassment, as well as the distribution of offensive, disrespectful content in all possible media, as well as acts that harm other people
- 1 time: Warning.
- 2 times: 30 min.
- 3 times: 1 h mute.
- 4 times: 24h mute.
- 5 times: permanent mute.

Destruction (raids, damage, destruction of infrastructure, theft and other destruction), creation of offensive, disrespectful or hate content (sexist, racist, adult or otherwise offensive content), targeted or non-targeted attempt to harm the Network, including but not limited to: Intentional lag or Creating lag systems / farms, doubling or acquiring illegal items, Warp killings (video evidence necessary to blame another player) will be punished:
- 1 time: 12 h block.
- 2 times: 24 h ban.
- 3 times: 48 h block.
- 4 times: permanent ban.
Note: TpKilling staff is allowed unless you trick them as a help request.

The first rule is not applied for the fractions / raid server! Devastation and raids are acceptable and should be promoted as part of the fraction modification. It is also important to know that players themselves should carry out the Claim processes to protect their property. Administration is not for the purpose of overseeing your items, you are responsible for your property.

Final word:

Players will not be penalized for any violations that occurred before the rules were renewed, except in certain exceptional cases.
In case of ban, by using IP address change or other accounts, ban appeals are not applicable.
In case of a need for a refund, please contact the administration directly.
Refunds are only granted in rare special cases(e.g. double payment) and if confirmed, are refunded during 7 working days.